Is angry video the end for Uber's CEO?

I am not gonna jump to the conclusion, I am carefully observing the situation, it looks like like a vendetta campaign in the disguise of legitimate concerns. Having said that, that was the best dancing move by Travis [1], when you have one chick on the left and other on the right. 😁👍 props.

[1] Here is the video in question, he was just being decent and nice until the end of ride, when the driver complained, he lost $97K because of Uber dropping prices … Oh well!! hadn’t they seen it coming, you charm, incite and excite (exploit?), to grab the attention, and they (Uber) did successfully, however under no circumstances high payouts were gonna work out … in the long run. Anyway I guess the driver was reminding him of pre-Uber era, where they would make $20/mile than $2.75 now.

Anyway Careem took the same route, I almost got convinced to lease 10 x Suzuki WangonR … I was supposed to save $700 net on each … $700 x 10 = $7000 pretty coool …. innit!

I had interviewed dozen of drivers, but It turned out to be, dealing with almost illiterate drivers aint easy … and on top of that, Careem also dropped prices …. it still would be lucrative, as long as you can build an army of decent/sober/responsible drivers. that’s the only the trick here! but I can’t seem to pull it off as yet ..