Google's leadership profoundly betrayed the longtime personal trust and friendship of Apple's leadership in stealing what Steve Jobs believed were Apple's most prized possessions.


The simple answer is Google’s leadership profoundly betrayed the longtime personal trust and friendship of Apple’s leadership in stealing what Steve Jobs believed were Apple’s most prized possessions. The fuller answer is below, in a telling timeline of the once exceptionally-close Apple-Google relationship.

In an explosive new allegation, a renowned architect has accused Google of racketeering, saying in a lawsuit the company has a pattern of stealing trade secrets from people it first invites to collaborate. Source

You would think it’s a coincidence, but then you realize it isn’t.


#Pakistan and #Israel were founded in the name of religion, #Singapore got independence against their will, and Americans at their whim. Happy Independence day to #USA.

Theory of how women changed human evolution


This Yale University biologist has a fascinating theory of how women changed human evolution.

This motherphucker bird scientist just trolled all the Alpha primates on the internet. #evolution

Humans De-Evolutoion 🐒

I guess Charles Darwin, failed to observe, once a specie had evolved to maximum, it’s the point, when it starts to de-evolve back to its roots 🐒, homo sapiens sadly have reached this point finally in 2017. #FidgetSpinners #Evolution

Corporate Instagram Marketing

I guess if our CEO is serious in Instagram marketing and want to maximize the ROI, he would have to buy himself tons of Mascara, face powder, and crimson red lipstick. Else we are shit outta luck competing with these whores. #instagram

My Feud with the Wikipedia

Omg! Me and Wikipedia have got a feud, after they deleted my personal listing., that read like ..

“It’s a worldwide consensus and a universal truth, that Imran Jafri is an awesome dude and it doesn’t even need a source to back up this claim[1]” 😐😑😕

[1]. {{Universal Truth stub}}


What day of the year, we used to login into LinkedIn? I guess, i skipped it already mofo. see ya next year! 😐

Kristen Stewart Opens Up About Choosing to Come Out


boooom!!! *deletes her 2TB Desktop Wallpapers*

Glad, I was already well past my crush over her, before she came out as a she-faggot. This isn’t racism, this is about defending and preserving common human values, regardless of one’s religion, we are humans, and humanity can not be defined by a perverted sexual preference, unless they can genetically prove me as such.

After publicly announcing for the first time that she had a girlfriend this summer, Kristen Stewart has revealed why she decided to open up about her sexuality.

Being Critical

I just gave a below advise to one of my cyber pupils at HN.

and always remember, if one is being ‘critical’, it does not make them ‘right’ too., yep listen to it carefully, but do not assume they are right ‘automatically’.

Is angry video the end for Uber's CEO?


I am not gonna jump to the conclusion, I am carefully observing the situation, it looks like like a vendetta campaign in the disguise of legitimate concerns. Having said that, that was the best dancing move by Travis [1], when you have one chick on the left and other on the right. 😁👍 props.

[1] Here is the video in question, he was just being decent and nice until the end of ride, when the driver complained, he lost $97K because of Uber dropping prices … Oh well!! hadn’t they seen it coming, you charm, incite and excite (exploit?), to grab the attention, and they (Uber) did successfully, however under no circumstances high payouts were gonna work out … in the long run. Anyway I guess the driver was reminding him of pre-Uber era, where they would make $20/mile than $2.75 now.

Anyway Careem took the same route, I almost got convinced to lease 10 x Suzuki WangonR … I was supposed to save $700 net on each … $700 x 10 = $7000 pretty coool …. innit!

I had interviewed dozen of drivers, but It turned out to be, dealing with almost illiterate drivers aint easy … and on top of that, Careem also dropped prices …. it still would be lucrative, as long as you can build an army of decent/sober/responsible drivers. that’s the only the trick here! but I can’t seem to pull it off as yet ..